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The use of the space in the real day-to day life was the main focus when designing for this family of six and a dog. Showroom look got quickly swapped for a design that helps to simplify the unavoidable chaos. With every family member in mind this house needed to be welcoming and functional, comfortable and simple as well as open and private.

Our client’s wish list included an addition for a master suite to allow each of the four children to have their own bedroom, a private guest suite, a home office and the build out of the basement for the kid’s activities. Quickly we realized that something more drastic needed to be done to the “heart” of the house and the kitchen expansion and an open layout of the main level was added to that list. Now the flow of the kitchen, dining room, and family room is seamless and nearby rooms, like offices and the masters seating room, can be opened up if the party gets bigger. This fusion of the spaces happened by eliminating walls and doors but also by introducing repetitive details, materials and a continuous color scheme throughout the house. Highlighting the new while celebrating the old, that is how the existing brick fireplace once hidden in a wall became a central revolving element of this family’s life.

A similar approach was taken when working on the new addition of the master suite. We opted for wood siding, paneling, and trim work as the exterior materials ,to achieve a lighter feeling that reassembles a sun room or garden pavilion and does not compete with the colonial façade of the existing structure.

From the main design ideas to the small details, this project is all about the balance of mixing existing and new elements and allowing the contrast of the styles to be celebrated.

Druid Hills Retreat

Decatur, Georgia

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When the value of their property in Decatur went up, our clients felt comfortable with their decision to renovate and expand their home. Some of the homes on their street had already undergone major renovations and now it was time for this wallflower to shine. Built in 50s this three bedroom house was as unremarkable on the inside as it was on the outside. Consequently adding character and style to the house became the next important task right after expanding the space.

Located on a drainage easement we could not increase the footprint of the house and had to explore the option of a second floor addition. Now this two story structure sits confident in between other renovated houses its size and is a successful part to the transforming streetscape.

The space we created on the second floor houses the master suite and two new bedrooms that share a bathroom. The lower level got opened up and allows for family life to take place. With a love for cooking and entertaining the kitchen became the center of the house. A large island serves for food preparation, as a homework desk, and seats this family of three for breakfast or informal meals. The connected seating room, dining room, and family room provide plenty of space and opening up the office towards the deck makes this house perfect for entertaining even bigger crowds.

Decatur Living

Decatur, Georgia

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With the birth of their second child, Studio d+c, Inc. owners Juan and Anja Ramirez, had outgrown their home and were looking for an excellent school district and a quiet neighborhood to move their family to.

They settled for a nondescript 1950s brick ranch in a hilly, wooded area. Bland and in disrepair this house had never been modified or renovated before. Located within the boundaries of a historic neighborhood the couple decided to keep the skin of the house intact while changing the interior radically.

With their expertise in construction and their passion for modern design, the Ramirez made this house their home, reflective of their own design principals and comfortable for their family.

They first gutted the entire house, removing walls to open up what had been an accumulation of cramped rooms, into a light-filled, livable space. They also relocated the stairway to the lower level, which now houses their home office and guest suite. Four skylights above this staircase function as a light well and brighten both levels of the house.

This ranch transformation was focused on minimalistic details which allows the successful coexistence of sleek, modern, European aesthetics with the modern 50s ranch style.

Modern Ranch

Decatur, Georgia

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River Dwelling

Blue Ridge, Georgia

River Dwelling

Blue Ridge, Georgia

When our city dweller client decided to build a second home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, they knew they wanted anything but a typical log cabin.

Built on a small sliver of land between the Toccoa River and the road, their "River Dwelling" is a modern interpretation of a mountain retreat, the result of careful planning and execution between the client, builder/contractor Studio d+c and architect Robert Tretsch.

A tall, narrow structure built on a concrete foundation, the home is a mere 19 feet wide.  However, more than 1,000 square feet of glass bring the outdoors inside and make the house feel much larger. 

The home features a soaring two-story dining space, a cast-concrete fireplace, metal stairs and galvanized steel railings. The two story glass-paneled garage door connects the living space visually and when opened physically with its surroundings.

Custom architectural details, the liberal use of commercial building materials and the distance of the building site were just some of the challenges Studio d+c had to overcome on this project. However, today their client continues to enjoy their luxurious retreat, and also rents it out so others can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains in this modern setting.

When Studio d+c  was asked to work on the interior renovation and addition to this Buckhead residence, the program included a guest suite addition, a third car garage and opening up the kitchen, dining room and family room. While these were some common requests, the extent of the kitchen renovation was a bit unconventional. With a passion for cooking and entertaining, the significance of the kitchen for this family became quickly clear. When the client suggested absorbing the family room and making it part of the new kitchen a lot of review studies followed. Finally we understood the importance of unifying the spaces to double the size of the kitchen and create the space for the professional equipment needed by this family chef. We customized the layout and optimized the work flow. We doubled on pantry space, refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens. Two sizeable islands were incorporated to provide plenty of seating for delighted guests.

Today this kitchen transforms regularly to a show cooking setting enjoyed by family and friends. The flames of the interior Asado grill create the visual backdrop for a true culinary experience to come.

Listing to our client’s requests and working as a team with the kitchen cabinet and appliance consultants extended our experience in the culinary field and led to a sizzling result.

Buckhead Revival

Atlanta, Georgia

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This project is under construction. Check back soon to see the progress.

Modern Hytte

Roswell, Georgia

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